Bellaire-T.C-Chicago-Miami-San José (Costa Rica)

NOTE:Due to my stay in Great Lakes Agroforestry I would like to
share my experiencies with Cathy and Will. For this reason I’m going to
write from this moment in English.
More news coming soon from Costa Rica!

Today I’ve been in San Jose’s Downtown.
From my Hostel>(Gaudy’s Hostel)
I’ve been walking once again Paseo Colon and Avda. Central to visit the nice "Museo Nacional" next to Plaza de la Democracia.

This Museum is really beautiful to discover due to its location in a
small hill that permits to see from the top San Jose’s view and the
green mountains around the city.

Also interesting enjoy Tico’s History and the Exhibition with alive butterflies!!!! -Lovely-
After visit this amazing Museum, I was in "Centro Nacional de Arte y Cultura" another "must" for culture lovers!

Afterwards only enjoying San Jose de Costa Rica "life street"> Plaza
de la Cultura, being in 7th St. Bookstore, Mercado Central and Coca
Cola Bus Station where I was buying my ticket to Manuel Antonio.

More news from one of the most famous Costa Rica’s National Parks!!!


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