San Jose-Quepos-Manuel Antonio-Puntarenas-Monteverde

Bye. bye San Jose…I was needing nature again…From the Coca-Cola Bus Station in San Jose I took a bus at 6.00 a.m to Quepos.
We’re in the rainy season in Costa Rica and Quepos suffered a lot due to continuous rain… Manuel Antonio N.P is only around fifteen minutes from Quepos.
I was in this Hostel. Really nice. Swimming pool, kitchen, dogs everywhere sleeping on chairs…Dog’s paradise!
On Monday Manuel Antonio N.P was closed. So I visited the park on Tuesday. Manuel Antonio entrance to the park doesn’t exist in this moment. The river next to the entrance increased and the entrance to the park was on a boat! Ha ha ha!
The park offers good trails, rainy wood and beach to swim, monkeys, etc…it’s not a huge park so I believe everybody feels really comfortable.
After Quepos I went by bus again to Puntarenas. A locality where the Pacific’s Train did a stop long time ago and where people from other places in Costa Rica spent their holidays. Nice beaches with wonderful views to the Nicoya’s Goulf!
I was visiting the Museo Histórico Marino de la Comunidad de Puntarenas.
I enjoyed really the visit. This Museum explains very good all about Puntarenas History and the near Islands> Isla del Coco and others reaaaally interesting to discover…some connections about this ones and the Galapagos in Ecuador.
And once more the bus. From the beautiful Paseo Maritimo of Puntarenas to Monteverde (Sta. Elena). This is a paradise on earth! I have no words…The colour of the mountains here is like emerald stones. Amazing!
I believe I’m going to spend some days here!!!

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