Monteverde-Liberia (Guanacaste)

Monte Verde was a really paradise. I spent two nights there in Hotel Monteverde that belongs to the Infocenter Camino Verde just across from the bus terminal:

Visiting the famous Reserva Biológica Monteverde and the Cheese Factory where I bought a mint ice-cream.

Don’t miss next to the Reserva visit the Hummingbird Gallery: probably the BEST place to feel yourself like in a fairy tale…

I was talking with a young boy in the coffee shop next to my hostel. He was the owner of the best place to have a good capuccino! After Monteverde I took a bus early morning to Liberia. This morning I´ve been walking 13 kms along the trails in Rincón de la Vieja National Park (Area de Conservación Guanacaste) in the Sector de Las Pailas. The first that I took was the trail to Catarata La Cangreja. The longest, 10 Kms! 4 hours walking through a wonderful forest. After this I took the one shortest to see: a new waterfall, fumarolas, volcancito, pailas de agua, laguna fumarólica… I´ve done 3 news friends from USA. This 3 girls are studying medicine in San José. This afternoon we´ll go to dance and dinner. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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