San José-Panamá City-Quito (Ecuador)

Looking from my plane’s window Panama’s Channel was an amazing experience… I did my travel with Copa first and Continental later. Once in Panama airport I took a new flight in direction to my first destination in South America: Ecuador!
In Quito I’m staying at El Cafecito Hostel:
A Cool place…Administration is done by different people from different countries in the world: just do it! Enjoy the apple cake!
Today I’ve been walking Quito’s "Centro Histórico". One of the places where I spent more time has been "Museo de la Ciudad":
Was amazing discover the city’s secrets and enjoy a veeeery interesting Exhibition about the famous Colombian artist Botero. Was great! Specially the films.
Another place visited before was the "Museo Nacional" in Banco Central del Ecuador. I enjoyed a great temporal exhibition about European travellers in America. Just like me!!! Ha ha ha!
Yesterday’s night Ecuador was classified in the Germany’s Football Mundial against Uruaguay. Congratulations!!!! Quito was a huge party all the night!!!
More coming soon!

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