Ambato (Atahualpa) – Baños – Puyo

In this moments I’m volunteering again. I’m living in Atahualpa with wonderful views to Tungurahua’s active volcano and Chimborazo at the same time.
I live surrounded by nature and I share the property with 3 dogs, chickens, ducks…a small and lovely farm.
Everyday when I wake up I take my backpack with some water and the raincoat and I walk from the top of a hill crossing Augusto Martinez Park and going to Atahualpa School. By foot takes around 15 minutes more or less, but I have always the option to take a bus paying 18 cents.
I’m volunteering in Hipotheraphy. What’s this????
It is a special therapy with the help of the horse and the way he affects and influences the patient – both physically and emotionally. In fact, the cooperation of the whole team of specialists is necessary – including therapist, hipologist, rehabilitation specialist, psychologist or psychiatrist and therapeutic assistant. The horses that we used for hipotherapy are specially trained for this goal!
Who is the hipotherapy for?
This form of therapy is suitable for children (from 2,5 years) and adults, depending on the physician’s or psychologist’s advice. In our case are children.
Hipporehabilitation is particularly suitable for people suffering from motoric disorders: neurological diseases and problems (polio, paralysis, sclerosis multiplex, conditions after traumatic experiences or inflammation, problems with coordination, balance, walking, sitting, gripping objects, controlling the torso or the head, movement or speech stereotypes etc.) or orthopaedical illnesses and problems (scoliosis, body posture, hypermobility etc.)
Psychotherapeutical riding is specially suitable for children with behavioural or studying problems, lack of concentration, attention, speech disorder, sensory malfunction or psychological disorders, emotional or social problems, and also for people with organic psychological disorders, schizophrenia, neurosis, stress, personality disorders, behavioural and emotional problems, etc.
Hipotherapy in general is suitable for combined psychomotoric and sensorimotoric disorders.
I’ve been working for 1 week at the moment, and I’ve been perceiving real changes in the different children. The process is slow but I consideer that really effective in comparison with other "bored" and "unmotivated" theraphies for children with the capacity to improve.
 More soon!

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