Ambato 12th November 2005

Last 12th November, I remained in Ambato due that was celebrated its Independence. And who was before the boss???  Spanish people…obviously!!! Ha ha ha…Ceballos and Montalvo Streets were crowded of people and hundreds of music bands of different colleges in the city . Everybody was veeeeeerrrrryyyy happy.
After this day I spent my Sunday in the "Quinta de Juan León Mera" in Ambato near Atocha place. Check this:
A really nice place to discover more about this great man. Actually this country is trying to decide who’s the best ecuatorian:
Everybody is voting its prefer candidate. Mera is a good one…obviously…Hard work to find only one! Montalvo maybe wins…who knows??? Let’s see soon…

Una resposta a “Ambato 12th November 2005

  1. Hola guapíssima, que tal tot per Ambato??. Veig que no perds el temps i que aprofites cada minut del dia.¡Com ha de ser !!!!. Vamos jo segueixo la teva linia, però d’un altra manera, aprofito cada segon del dia, però per la feina, ja que és un non stop, per això estic super desconnectada de tot deu i ésser vivent sobre el mantell terrestre, jajaja!!!.Buenu, espero a partir d’ara poder donar senyals de vida més sovint.Apa doncs, molts petonets catalans…


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