Cusco, a wonderful city to explore!

I’ve arrived to Cusco 6 days ago and I don’t want to leave it yet!
Yesterday I did a new friend. She is a noruegan girl called Hilde. Hilde is a nurse. We enjoyed a lot yesterday visiting Cusco’s surroundings. First of all, we started with a big breakfast in one of the most famous coffee shops in Plaza de Armas. We enjoyed a 9.50 soles breakfast with everything one can desire!
After that we started a nice walk from Plaza de Armas to "Cristo Blanco" Monument on the top of a hill. Walking our first minutes, we crossed MAP Museum and we visited a really nice building where suposedly Simon Bolivar lived. During our walk a guide offered us a 3 hours horse riding tour around Saqsaywaman famous Ruins. (30 soles)
The experience was absolutely great and our young guide (16) Wilson did a great job! Thanks again!
After this we enjoyed a free visit to the Saqsaywaman Ruins due to was more than 5 p.m and is becoming dark really soon!
Then we went to listen a Concert in Capilla San Bernardo but unfortunately didn’t start punctually and after a visit to Casa Andina:
we were really hungry!!! We found a really nice restaurant next to Plaza de Armas called: Varayoc Rte / Cafe / Bar in Espaderos Street 142. They were offering a nice menu with italian pasta and wine for 15 soles, but the homemade cakes were amazing too!!!
The day finished with rain, rain and more rain…

Una resposta a “Cusco, a wonderful city to explore!

  1. Nena, nena, em vas canviant de registre cada vegada que escrius una parrafada, jajajaja!!!!. Multilingüista girl, t’anomenaré a partir d’ara, jejejejeje!!!!!.Jur jur jur, a veure si penges alguna fotico d’akets paratges tan meravellosos, que tinc ganes de veure on para la meva best friend.Molts muacs barcelonins, !!!!!!!!!Miritaaa


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